Tuesday, September 8, 2009

15 miles makes hip go pop

I just moved into my new home. I will not downplay how I feel about it: I'm in love with it. Not only is it peaceful and quiet, but I am able to get everything I need to do...done and finished...more efficiently thanks to the tranquility around me. Since I'm half a block from the park, I also get to run away from the crowded streets of my 5 years of training previous. So Sunday...

Sunday's Mileage: 15 miles.

It kinda went like this...9: ok, I have like an hour left I think. That's ok, I can make it. 11: I feel great! My knee pain is gone!, 13: two more!! God, I feel like throwing up. 15: ::ingest some gummy bears: God, these taste like crap! And I read in Galloway's Bible that you know when you ran too fast when you finish your long distance and you plop onto the couch afterwards. Well, I *tried* not to. I kept myself entertained by putting things away and then going for small dinner with the osito. But it left me out of commission for Monday's run. Not that I had one planned anyway, but just from a break from all the studying. And it wasn't because I was sore. It was because of damned left hip of mine. I need a good stretch and a good strengthening program as well.

So, today's workout...

Today's Mileage: 6 miles on treadmill + 30 minutes on elliptical

And my hip felt fine until mile 5 where I started feeling that 'pokey' feeling on the back of my hip. I just hope it's a tight piriformis saying hello and not something psycho like an AVN or stress fx.

Friday, September 4, 2009

This is why I'm not in the Military

With the move, first week of grueling classes (and by grueling, I mean sitting on my butt for 6 to 8 hours a day...HELLO ISCHEMIA!), and maintaining a good training regime, I am tight for time and running days. So, today I decided to combine the joy of commuting prior to my 8am class and running. You get me running 9 miles from Jersey to New York via the GWB...with a 10 pound backpack; so it taught me two valuable lessons. (1) Pacing...I can't run sub 9 min/mile with a backpack jostling behind me; (2) don't EVER gain 10 pounds. It will suck on my knees.

But one of the joys I had in this straining boot camp sessions was seeing deer coming onto the sidewalk to greet me near Panera. Suprisely, it was not scared of me. With the sunrise and orange and yellow hues shining onto the pavement, I realized it was worth waking at 5:30am for an intense run.

Today's Mileage: 8-9 miles (not sure)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Being Tired Doesn't Help

Doesn't it blow when you are doing *awesome* in your exercises for the week, and all of sudden you go through the day feeling like the dumps, go home to do more work, and then wake up feeling better but drained of all possible desire to get out of bed?  Yes, well...it blows for me.  I had an awesome work out yesterday in the morning.  I never felt better! But slowly, as the day crept forward, sitting in the same classroom, in the same ungodly painful chair, my throat started acting funny.  "Oh God. Not now."  I'm in my peak of training, I'm in the middle of moving to a new apartment, and I just started classes.  I decided eating a little more will help.  So I ate 500000 times before getting home, at home, and then in the laundromat as I did almost all the clothing Walter and I have amassed in our former apartment.  I felt better.  Laid down.  Alarm rang at 5:10.  Look at myself.  I look like utter crap.  I FEEL like crap! Back to bed.  No workout.  

6:15 second alarm rang...out of bed...slowwwwwwly.  Clothes, bag. Out the door.  Bus.  Fat Free Muffin (What the f am I thinking..I need real food).  Subway.  French toast and fruit (why the heck this tiny piece of french toast has bananas in it still eludes me greatly).  And now here I am, an hour early for class, with tiredness written all over my face.  Even caffeine didn't help at all.

So new change of plans.  Go home after class and rest until Walt and I need to visit BB&B to get the things we need for the apartment.  Hit the hay by 9 or earlier.  Get up early and go for a run prior to 8am class.   I just feel uber sleep deprived right now.

Yesterday's Mileage: 7 miles with 5 paced at 8:50; + 10 minutes of spinning and + 10 minutes of weight lifting

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Month, New Plans

In the midst of crazy school work, I need to find time to run...to attach myself to my marathon goal. Before, it was just to complete one. Now, with the possibility of doing well, my sights are on Boston qualification. If I can do complete this, on my first marathon ever, it would be a dream I never thought possible.

But while I dream big, my injuries are getting bigger. This is evidence of the hard core training I place my body through. My left knee is beginning to become achy - not its usual brother of the right. As a PT I have self - dx'ed....it's all coming from my hip. However, there's also the annoying medial shin pain. After hearing about stress fxs during my 9th million hour in class, I began to poke over the area...No pain. And though I know more than my name what I am suppose to do, I don't do it...stretch, ice, REST. Nope. I just keep on running, stubborn as I am. Then I decided to tie myself down and recover...NOW! I will complete the rest of the mileage this week on treadmill (17 miles broken up into 3 days). Take Saturday off. See if my body can weather a long run or an 8 miler. Then proceed the following week with 0 mileage....all Xtraining. It will suck but it's better than having this pain continuing.

Yesterday's Mileage: 6 miles at sub 8:30 pace. I learn how to keep my COM closer to the ground and not expend so much energy and it worked!