Thursday, September 3, 2009

Being Tired Doesn't Help

Doesn't it blow when you are doing *awesome* in your exercises for the week, and all of sudden you go through the day feeling like the dumps, go home to do more work, and then wake up feeling better but drained of all possible desire to get out of bed?  Yes, blows for me.  I had an awesome work out yesterday in the morning.  I never felt better! But slowly, as the day crept forward, sitting in the same classroom, in the same ungodly painful chair, my throat started acting funny.  "Oh God. Not now."  I'm in my peak of training, I'm in the middle of moving to a new apartment, and I just started classes.  I decided eating a little more will help.  So I ate 500000 times before getting home, at home, and then in the laundromat as I did almost all the clothing Walter and I have amassed in our former apartment.  I felt better.  Laid down.  Alarm rang at 5:10.  Look at myself.  I look like utter crap.  I FEEL like crap! Back to bed.  No workout.  

6:15 second alarm rang...out of bed...slowwwwwwly.  Clothes, bag. Out the door.  Bus.  Fat Free Muffin (What the f am I thinking..I need real food).  Subway.  French toast and fruit (why the heck this tiny piece of french toast has bananas in it still eludes me greatly).  And now here I am, an hour early for class, with tiredness written all over my face.  Even caffeine didn't help at all.

So new change of plans.  Go home after class and rest until Walt and I need to visit BB&B to get the things we need for the apartment.  Hit the hay by 9 or earlier.  Get up early and go for a run prior to 8am class.   I just feel uber sleep deprived right now.

Yesterday's Mileage: 7 miles with 5 paced at 8:50; + 10 minutes of spinning and + 10 minutes of weight lifting

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