Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Month, New Plans

In the midst of crazy school work, I need to find time to run...to attach myself to my marathon goal. Before, it was just to complete one. Now, with the possibility of doing well, my sights are on Boston qualification. If I can do complete this, on my first marathon ever, it would be a dream I never thought possible.

But while I dream big, my injuries are getting bigger. This is evidence of the hard core training I place my body through. My left knee is beginning to become achy - not its usual brother of the right. As a PT I have self - dx'ed....it's all coming from my hip. However, there's also the annoying medial shin pain. After hearing about stress fxs during my 9th million hour in class, I began to poke over the area...No pain. And though I know more than my name what I am suppose to do, I don't do it...stretch, ice, REST. Nope. I just keep on running, stubborn as I am. Then I decided to tie myself down and recover...NOW! I will complete the rest of the mileage this week on treadmill (17 miles broken up into 3 days). Take Saturday off. See if my body can weather a long run or an 8 miler. Then proceed the following week with 0 mileage....all Xtraining. It will suck but it's better than having this pain continuing.

Yesterday's Mileage: 6 miles at sub 8:30 pace. I learn how to keep my COM closer to the ground and not expend so much energy and it worked!

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