Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Cold and I Can't Care

Liz the Runner has been ousted, my friends! Yes, I am the girl you can count on to run a ridiculous amount of mileage per week.  However, last week, everyone else was doing the mileage for me as I sat on my student butt and did papers on Cuban health policy and studied for Orthotics.  I would log on to Facebook and I would hear friends say, "I ran 18 today! I ran 19...BLAH BLAH"  Walt would say, "I'm glad I'm resting." But I was trying to grin through my jealous grin. How I wanted to be out there pounding the pavement! Especially after I treated myself with a  new running toy - a GARMIN. I've lovingly renamed it "A Rabbit's Best Friend, " because it is.  Today it basically yelled at me for running too fast.  Actually, I set the virtual partner for a slower pace than I should be running (8:30 pace).  Boo on that! But imagine my thrill.   Hitting the pavement in 40 degree weather with the dawn just breaking.  Sexy. Awesome. Powerful. But it makes the rest of my day seem like nothing.  And makes me look forward to the rest of it...

Today's Mileage: 8.25 (1 hr 10 minutes)

Today's Message: That L knee feels like its about to pop! Need to do some strengthening + stretching tonight while watching Heroes.

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