Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Learning Our Limits + Pushing Passed

I felt it today.  Foot strike after foot strike.  My mouth wide to filter the build up of saliva and the cold air.  But my heart did not race as when I push the line of a 5k.  I felt good, alive, and healthy.  I kept telling myself, "Keeping it up...20 minutes...10..." I've been pushing the envelope in running for the last two weeks more than I've ever pushed myself.  I've been able to maintain a 7:30 (marathon) race pace without falter and I don't think that's the finale.  There's more in this little body.  When I run at this speed, my body and brain say DEEPER but my legs do not receive the message.  It's typical and the solution is more training at that speed.  
I've learned some limits in these brief weeks.  One of these being my weight.  When I began racing, I was preoccupied with being under 100 pounds.  Now, I'm more preoccupied with making sure I fit into my clothes and getting the nutrition my limbs need.  But there are other limits that are self imposed that I need to push passed.  Sub 7 half marathon pace?  I know it is in me.  I just have to find her and pull her out.

Today's Mileage: 6 miles at 45 minutes + change (7:30 pace)

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